I can’t do much since I lost my sight. I can eat and I can talk! That’s okay for me; I’m happy enough. Why worry about things that have already happened? - Tulsi Maya Ghale

Netrabahadur Thapa

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On 25–26 June 1944, at the age of twenty eight, Magar was once an appearing subedar of the 2nd Battalion of the fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles in the Indian Army in the course of World War II. He used to be in command of a small remoted hill publish at Bishenpur, India when the Japanese navy attacked in force. The men, stimulated through their leader’s example, held their floor and the enemy have been crushed off, however casualties had been very heavy and reinforcements have been requested. When these arrived some hours later they additionally suffered heavy casualties. Thapa retrieved the reinforcements’ ammunition himself and set up an offensive with grenades and kukris, till he was once killed