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Lalbahadur Thapa

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He used to be about 37 years old, and a Subedar in the 1st Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles, in the Indian Army all through World War II when the following deed took region for which he used to be awarded the VC.

On 5/6 April 1943 at some stage in the silent assault on Rass-es-Zouai, Tunisia, Subadar Lalbahadur Thapa, taking command of two sections, made his first contact with the enemy at the foot of a pathway winding up a slim cleft which was once thickly studded with enemy posts. The garrison of the out-posts have been all killed through the subadar and his men, with the aid of kukri or bayonet and the subsequent machine-gun posts had been dealt with similarly. This officer then persevered to combat his way up the bullet-swept tactics to the crest the place he and the riflemen with him killed 4 – the relaxation fled. Thus secured, improve with the aid of the entire division used to be made possible.

He later executed the rank of Subedar-Major