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Ex-Gurkhas serve ultimatum for dialogue

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English Gurkha Satyagraha has served a final proposal until February 15 to the Government of Nepal and the British Government to shape an elevated level talks group and continue exchange for tending to the requests of ex-Gurkha servicemen.

BGS requested to begin a discourse between the Government of Nepal and the British Government on the report of the Technical Committee that involved diplomat of Nepal to UK, pastor of safeguard (UK) and agents of British Gurkha ex-servicemen’s affiliation.

For that to occur, a discourse on the report ought to be held with the International Relations Committee of the Federal Parliament of Nepal, as a controlling instrument, expressed an official statement gave by BGS today.

As per BGS, inconvenience of Indian Pay Code on British Gurkhas after 1948, which came for the sake of Tripartite Agreement-1947, however with shared comprehension among India and Britain, was totally uncalled for, against the public sway and freedom of Nepal and as opposed to the standards of right to self assurance gave by global basic liberties laws; and was inconsistent with other worldwide laws including the Montevideo Treaty-1933, that characterizes the relations among the states and Article 2 of United Nations Charter.

It additionally cautioned that the development of balance and respect led by Gurkha veterans against the British government would be progressed in public just as in worldwide level as devoted development and a mission committed to basic liberties and pride of Nepali individuals.

The ex-Gurkhas have requested a finish to treachery and oppression Gurkha veterans and their families, and remuneration to the groups of thousands of fighters who had lost their lives in the past wars.