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Agansing Rai

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Agansing Rai used to be a 24-year-old Naik in the 2nd Battalion, fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles, in the Indian Army at some point of World War II, when he led his part in an assault on one of two posts which had been taken by means of the enemy and had been threatening the British forces’ communications on 26 June 1944 close to the city of Bishenpur in the country of Manipur, India.

Under withering fireplace Agansing Rai and his celebration charged a machine-gun. Agansing Rai killed three of the crew. When the first function had been taken, he then led a sprint on a machine-gun firing from the jungle, the place he killed three of the crew, his guys accounting for the rest. He consequently tackled an isolated bunker single-handed, killing all 4 occupants. The enemy grew to be so demoralised that they fled and the 2nd submit used to be recaptured.