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Gurkha Justice Campaign

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100The Gurkha Justice Campaign used to be a marketing campaign crew in the United Kingdom conflict for the rights of the Gurkhas.

It desired the Gurkhas who fought for the UK to reap the identical rights as their British and Commonwealth counterparts. Essentially the team desired the regulation to be modified so that all Gurkhas who fought for the UK will achieve a proper of abode, whereas beneath preceding rules they solely had a proper of domicile if they retired after 1997. They took their case to the excessive court, and had the help of a variety of celebrities such as possibly most famously Joanna Lumley.[1] The marketing campaign in the end succeeded.
Until 2004 Gurkhas have been no longer allowed to settle in the United Kingdom. However, the Labour authorities below Tony Blair modified the guidelines so that Gurkhas who retired after 1997 would be allowed to settle in the UK, 1997 being the date when the Gurkha Brigade headquarters moved from Hong Kong to Britain. Soldiers who retired earlier than this date, however, have been solely allowed the equal agreement rights in gorgeous circumstance.[2] The Gurkha Justice Campaign desired the identical agreement rights for all Gurkha soldiers.

In 2008, the excessive court docket dominated that the coverage had been unlawful given that the procedure used to decide pre-1997 purposes was once deemed arbitrary. The Government of Gordon Brown agreed to produce new rules. However, when these have been unveiled on 24 April 2009, the Gurkhas had been livid due to the fact there used to be no computerized proper to settle in the UK for all veterans.[2] Indeed, Gurkhas who desired to settle in the UK would have to meet one or extra of 5 requirements.[3] These were;

Gurkha Justice Campaigners, 2008

A Justice For Gurkhas rally, 2009
Three years non-stop dwelling in the UK at some stage in or after service
Close household in the UK
A bravery award of stage one to three
Service of 20 years or greater in the Gurkha brigade
Chronic or long-term scientific circumstance precipitated or aggravated by means of service[3]
Campaigners claimed that beneath the rules, solely round one hundred Gurkhas would qualify for residence, even though the authorities figures advised that as many as 4,300 would be eligible to settle.[3] The policies would disqualify many from being in a position to settle in the United Kingdom, as indicated by using an article which seemed in The Economist:

Veterans would be allowed to settle solely if they met one or greater prerequisites based totally on size of service, gallantry or associated illness. Many of the necessities appeared designed to frustrate: for example, one way to qualify routinely was once by using soldiering for at least 20 years, even though most rank-and-file Gurkhas serve for solely 15. Another was once to show that a long-term scientific circumstance used to be prompted or worsened through lively service—a tall order for these whose accidents have been sustained a long time ago.[4]

The marketing campaign was once additionally supported with the aid of the Liberal Democrats.[5]