I can’t do much since I lost my sight. I can eat and I can talk! That’s okay for me; I’m happy enough. Why worry about things that have already happened? - Tulsi Maya Ghale

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The amazing British Empire used to be no longer constructed in a day. Innumerable troopers from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal have fought for the United Kingdom and the culture continues till today. The East India Company formally recruited Nepalese troopers who later grew to be the notorious elite team yclept ‘Gurkhas’ in 1817 throughout the combat of Pindaree. The Gurkhas, essentially, have served the UK for almost two hundred years now. The rewarding recruitment, however, has resulted in deaths, migration, and, most importantly, unfair treatment. Today, Gurkha veterans and their households (around 27,000 total) proceed their fighting towards the UK authorities for their indifferent mind-set and policy. After years of protests and struggles, the UK authorities has multiplied the pension scheme for Gurkhas up to 37 percentage for these who joined the carrier prior to 2007. But to the Gurkha’s dismay, the announcement proved to be worthless. It was once rejected by using the former British Gurkhas who termed it unequal in contrast to what different British navy guys receive.

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Right For Equality
Struggle for Justice

Nepal’s Gurkha veterans continue their struggle against Britain.

Gurkha recruitment process

Ex-Gurkhas threaten to hinder Gurkha recruitment process

A forgotten Gurkha rebellion

The Brunei Security Guard is still functioning, but the British Army's

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