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Tulbahadur Pun

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100Pun was once 21 years old, and a Rifleman in the 3rd Battalion, sixth Gurkha Rifles, in the Indian Army at some stage in World War II when the following deed took location for which he was once awarded the Victoria Cross:

On 23 June 1944 at Mogaung, Burma, in the course of an assault on the railway bridge, a part of one of the platoons was once wiped out with the exception of Rifleman Tul Bahadur Pun, his part commander and one other. The part commander at once led a cost on the enemy role however used to be at as soon as badly wounded, as used to be the 0.33 man. Rifleman Pun, with a Bren gun persevered the cost on my own in the face of shattering fireplace and achieving the position, killed three of the occupants and put 5 greater to flight, shooting two mild machine-guns and tons ammunition. He then gave correct assisting fire, enabling the relaxation of his platoon to reach their objective.