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Thaman Gurung

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He used to be 20 years old, and a Rifleman in the 1st Battalion, fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force), in the Indian Army all through World War II when the following deed took region for which he was once awarded the VC.

The quotation in the London Gazette reads:

In Italy on 10 November 1944 a Company of the 1st battalion fifth Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) was once ordered to ship a war patrol on to Monte San Bartolo, an goal of a future attack. In this patrol have been two scouts, one of whom used to be Rifleman Thaman Gurung.

By skillful stalking each scouts succeeded in accomplishing the base of the role undetected. Rifleman Thaman Gurung then began to work his way to the summit; the 2d scout attracted his interest to Germans in a slit trench simply under the crest, who have been making ready to hearth with a laptop gun at the main section. Realizing that if the enemy succeeded in opening fire, the part would clearly preserve heavy casualties, Rifleman Thaman Gurung leapt to his ft and charged them. Completely taken by way of surprise, the Germans surrendered except opening fire.

Rifleman Thaman Gurung then crept ahead to the summit of the position, from which he noticed a birthday celebration of Germans, properly dug in on reverse slopes, making ready to throw grenades over the crest at the main section. Although the sky-line was once devoid of cowl and underneath correct laptop gun fireplace at shut range, Rifleman Thaman Gurung at once crossed it, firing on the German function with his Tommy gun, for that reason permitting the ahead area to attain the summit, however due to heavy furnace from the enemy laptop guns, the platoon was once ordered to withdraw.

Rifleman Thaman Gurung then once more crossed the sky-line on my own and though in full view of the enemy and continuously uncovered to heavy fireplace at brief range, he methodically put burst after burst of Tommy gun furnace into the German slit trenches, till his ammunition ran out. He then threw two grenades he had with him and rejoining his section, accrued two greater grenades and once more doubled over the bullet-swept crest of the hill pinnacle and hurled them at the closing Germans. This diversion enabled each rear sections to withdraw barring similarly loss. Meanwhile, the main section, which had remained in the back of to aid the withdrawal of the the rest of the platoon, used to be nonetheless on the summit, so Rifleman Thaman Gurung, shouting to the area to withdraw, seized a Bren gun and a variety of magazines. He then, but again, ran to the pinnacle of the hill and, though he properly knew that his motion supposed nearly positive death, stood up on the bullet-swept summit, in full view of the enemy, and opened furnace at the nearest enemy positions. It used to be now not till he had emptied two entire magazines, and the closing area was once nicely on its way to safety, that Rifleman Thaman Gurung was once killed.

It was once without doubt due to his extraordinary gallantry that his platoon used to be capable to withdraw from an extraordinarily challenging function except many greater casualties than have been in reality incurred and that some very precious records was once acquired which resulted in the seize of the characteristic three days later. The rifleman’s bravery value him his life.