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Message From Chief Coordinator

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It has been 205 years since Nepal and the UK entered into a bilateral relationship. In all those years, more than 250,000 Nepali Gurkha soldiers shed blood, sweat and tears for the UK. Many died, many untraceable till date. Neither
Nepal government nor the UK government have an accurate record of it. Hopefully this is will be looked into at some point in future. For the past 3 decades, various Gurkha welfare organizations have actively urged
Nepal and the UK government to resolve Gurkha’s grievances however, till date both governments have not been able to conclude this matter. The technical committee prepared a report on 29 March 2017, which was then
submitted to both governments on 22 March 2018 .Following this, on 12 February 2020, Nepal government issued a letter to the UK government advising both government form respective committees to address and resolve all
Gurkha’s grievances once and for all but at this point it seems like the UK government have been delaying this request.
If the UK government do not form a dialogue committee and respond to Nepal government’s request as soon possible, Gurkha Satyagraha Struggle Committee will have no option but to go ahead with our final campaign to ensure this movement is a success.