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Bhanbhagta Gurung

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Bhanbhagta Gurung was once about 24 years old, and a Rifleman in the third Battalion, 2nd Gurkha Rifles, British Indian Army when the following deed took location for which he used to be awarded the VC:

On 5 March 1945 at Snowdon-East, close to Tamandu, Burma (now Myanmar), Gurung and his unit have been coming near Snowdon-East. His employer grew to be pinned down via an enemy sniper and have been struggling casualties. As the sniper was once inflicting casualties on the section, Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung, being unable to furnace from the mendacity position, stood up absolutely uncovered to the heavy fireplace and flippantly killed the enemy sniper with his rifle, as a consequence saving his part from struggling similarly casualties.[3]
Again the part advanced, and once more it got here underneath fire. Without ready for orders, Gurung dashed out to assault the first enemy fox-hole. Throwing two grenades, he killed the two occupants and except any hesitation rushed on to the subsequent enemy fox-hole and killed the Japanese in it with his bayonet. He cleared two in addition fox-holes with bayonet and grenades. “During his single-handed assaults on these 4 enemy fox-holes, Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung was once subjected to nearly non-stop and point-blank Light Machine Gun furnace from a bunker on the North tip of the objective.” For the fifth time, Gurung “went ahead on my own in the face of heavy enemy fireplace to knock out this position. He doubled ahead and leapt on to the roof of the bunker from where, his hand grenades being finished, he flung two No. seventy seven smoke grenades into the bunker slit.” [3] Gurung killed two Japanese troopers who ran out of the bunker with his Kukri, and then superior into the cramped bunker and killed the last Japanese soldier.
Gurung ordered three others to take up positions in the bunker. “The enemy counter-attack observed quickly after, however underneath Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung’s command the small celebration interior the bunker repelled it with heavy loss to the enemy. Rifleman Bhanbhagta Gurung confirmed exquisite bravery and a whole push aside for his very own safety. His brave clearing of 5 enemy positions single-handed was once in itself decisive in taking pictures the goal and his inspiring instance to the relaxation of the Company contributed to the rapid consolidation of this success.”[3]
His regiment won the war honour “Tamandu” as a end result of the engagement and he obtained his Victoria Cross from King George VI at Buckingham Palace.